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Shallah Minekho

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Reply Arwym Starlight, July 7th, 2009, 10:47 am

Description from dA: If I showed you the first drawing I made of Shallah Minekho back in 2005 (or sometime around that), you'd be HORRIFIED. No, seriously, you'd be.

Anyway, here's another sketch of one of my roleplaying characters. You've seen Arwym, Shallah, and if you visit http://arwym.smackjeeves.com you'll see Lun, but that one's badly drawn. It was one of my first tries at traditional inking.

Arwym was drawn digitally. This one is 100% traditional. I love the smoothness of it. I'm happy, because I made my scanner work after like 2 months of despair. Whoo!

Expect more traditional medium works in the coming weeks if my scanner doesn't fail me again!

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