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SlverQuest Sketches

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Reply Arwym Starlight, September 10th, 2008, 9:56 am

SilverQuest These are sketches I made for SilverQuest. They are not official art or anything... I just felt like drawing.
It was done on my Math notebook, during an exam's discussion. LOL...

To the upper right is a very bad map of whatever areas we've already opened, or are about to open, in SilverQuest.
To the upper left is a drawing of Lord Falwell's daughter, a potential "damsel in distress", for possible future quests. Lord Falwell is the lord of those lands you see in the map. If you don't know what a "lord" is in this case, refer to medieval lords. There's something about them in the Wikipedia.

To the lower left is Tatiana, the Young Witch. She's an NPC and one of the many witches (who are all cousins) that you'll meet during your adventures in SilverQuest. Tatiana gives you your first quest; she also sells potions.

To Tatiana's right is her own face, without the witch hat. She looks like a bishojo, heheh!

And that's all.
If you want to learn more about SilverQuest, visit http://operagn.co.nr and select SilverQuest from the menu at the top of the page. For even more information about the game, visit the forums, or ask me. I am part of the development team.

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