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3xRaNdom Character Concepts #1

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Reply Arwym Starlight, August 21st, 2008, 1:03 pm

Hello there, and welcome to RA!. This is a kind of blog-comic thingy, but since I am in the university right now, and don't have my tablet with me, I posted this.

It's character concept art for 3xRaNdom, an experimental shoujo manga I am going to start in the near future, after Where Dreams Begin is updating regularly and successfully. That's going to take a while, so don't expect this soon.

Still, the address will be 3xrandom.smackjeeves.com.

My real name is Jessica, but call me Arwym. I am 19 right now, and studying web technologies.

This week, I created an account at MangaBullet. Please visit me at http://arwym.mangabullet.com :)

By the way, I am going to design a layout for this. But this week I have things to do, and probably the next. I'll still try to save some time for this during the weekend.

And yeah! All I have right now is the tablet. My scanner died recently, so I can't scan anything. :( I have a camera, but that isn't really a substitute. I can post photos once in a while and post them here, though.

Sorry for the long comment. I am done now.

Thanks for coming!

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