Random Attack!

Random Attack!

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Still alive, yeah! (And still lazy...)

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Reply Arwym Starlight, July 24th, 2011, 11:17 am

Yeah... Here's the rambling, too. Geh, I know... I should get slapped in the face several times for abandoning all these comic projects without a notice. I also abandoned my SJ Layout Shop, leaving many requests unattended. That deserves some extra slapping. I'm so irresponsible... ._.

I'm still alive, and although many things about me have improved, I am still the same disorganized, undisciplined girl from 2 years ago. A shame, but it's the truth. I have, however, finally achieved a few things concerning my professional life. I've started doing freelance Web design & development work, as well as obtained a part-time job as webmaster with a small, local Web design business. My boss seems to be happy with my work, but I know I can do better. So I'll continue moving forward and improving.

Now, here's the thing. I have to get my personal projects OFF THE GROUND, and sadly, sever a few because I have too many; all in order to be able to concentrate on the more important ones. And if not to sever them, put them on hold for the near future, in an organized manner, like with a priority list or something...

Oh, I also committed myself to participate in NaNoWrimo this year. I planned to do it on July's Camp NaNo, but it wasn't possible due to work. So, I'll probably try it on August or November, if time permits. If not, sadly, I'll have to leave it for next year, but I want to avoid that.

Just so you know, my old story ideas have continued evolving throughout this time of apparent inactivity. I've been polishing characters, discarding some other stuff here and there... My mind has matured some more, so ideas I used to find reasonable two years ago, I no longer consider worth it. And I know this will continue to happen, over and over again...

Oh, if you want to learn about some of my writing projects and the like, check out both arwym.com and protagonize.com/author/arwym. The former is my personal blog, and the latter is my author profile at Protagonize.com, which is where I write the most.

Ok, this is it. I hope you're still around, and if so, I'd love to hear about you and your own projects.

Thank you, and take care!

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Yeah, still alive. Here's some randomness...

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