Random Attack!

Random Attack!

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Welcome to a futuristic universe, where humans and machines co-live. Androids are now in every aspect of our daily lives, helping us make things easier. Many of these androids possess a human appearance, created to act as companions, guardians, servants and protectors... even soldiers. For this and other reasons, there are many who distrust and reject their existence.

In a city known as Neo Venecia, two young girls, Alicia and Valeria, prepare for the great carnival. They put their masks on, and blend in with the crowds in search of amusement.

It is then that a disaster occurs, when an airship crashes nearby, causing damage to its surroundings. And within the debris, the two girls discover a mysterious android with the appearance of a 15-year old boy who, for some unknown reason, claims to be Valeria's faithful servant and protector.

Who is he? Where did he come from? And what is going to happen now?

[Note: Must be rewritten.]

Those Little Hearts

They said that children don't know about love.

But can a sacred promise between two childhood sweethearts be so easily broken?

This is the story of two little hearts, and the great love that transcends age, the passing of time, and even the laws of this parallel universe.

A romance drama in a fantasy universe.

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